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The hall, Ranč na Striebornom jazere Galanta



GPS: 48°12'30.7''N 17°43'48.3''E (48.208528 N, 17.730083 E)


To enable smooth running of the competition, we would like to ask all competitiors to be ready with their dog near the entrance to the ring in time. After the start of the team before you you're allowed to enter the "aisle" and go over to the start area/zone.
You can prepare yourself and your dog in the start zone and leave your accessories (lead, toys, …) there. Our helpers will bring them to the finish.
Audience can watch the competition from one (longer) side of the rings or from the gallery upstairs.

We would like to ask all the competitors and visitors to keep the area clean including the surroundings of the hall (e.g. clean-up after their dogs) and to park their cars strictly on the sufficiently big parking lot.

1. Entrance
2. Parking, also for campers
3. Hall (place for competitors on tribune)
4. Restaurant
5. Accommodation

Virtual tour - click on link and you can visit Silver Lake Ranch.

Photos of areal: lake, stalls and restaurant

  Agility klub SKIPER Bratislava, Mlynská 20, 900 44 Tomášov, www.skiper.sk